No less than 88 WOC medals have been won by runners representing one of the clubs from Østfold. We will present all of them in the build-up to WOC 2019. Number 17 is Olav Lundanes, and the first we have translated to English so far.

For the past two months our ambassadors have served you technical challenges. Now you can read all the assessments from Mari Fasting and Petter Thoresen.

WOC 2019 is helping school children from all over Østfold to learn using maps. This week the production of school maps reached the 100-mark. 

Kristen Treekrem (60) was the map maker on both occasions WOC was held in Norway, Grimstad 1997 and Trondheim 2010. At WOC 2019 he is once again in charge of the map production. 

There’s been made a change in the time schedule for the spectator race on Tuesday August 13th at Knatterud. The WOC competitors will start and be finished by 12.30 (CET), and the spectator race will follow shortly thereafter.

Do you wish to stay near the WOC venue at Mørk? Book accommodation in Skiptvet now!

A lot of people have already registered for the spectator races during the World Orienteering Championships in Østfold 12-17 August 2019. Many also need a place to stay during the orienteering festival.

3690 entries from 27 nations were the status foe the specator races before the early bird deadline on monday.

Olav Lundanes and Marianne Andersen won Lørdagskjappen on saturday and the Fredrikstad runners Kamilla Olaussen and Martin Hubmann won Smaaleneneløpet on sunday. Here's a little recap of this weekends orienteering action in Østfold.  

Sweden is tipped by many to make a killer result in this year’s WOC. WOC 2019 host city Sarpsborg has been ravaged by the Swedes before during its long history. 


The Norwegian Spring continues this sunday with Solrenningen, another crucial step in the preperations for WOC2019 from 12th to 17th of august.

WOC 2019 with a NOK 1,5 million profit WOC 2019 with a NOK 1,5 million profit 2019-11-18 -   PRESS RELEASE: WOC 2019 turned out a huge success in all aspects, even economically. The organisers are NOK 1,5 million on the plus side, money that will go back to the organising clubs from Østfold. The ambition to create the best WOC ever seems... More detail
Bergman decided the men’s relay Bergman decided the men’s relay 2019-08-17 - - In the hills towards the sixth control I realised I’m going to win, Swedish last lap runner Gustav Bergman said after he’d secured gold for Sweden in a thrilling men’s relay at WOC 2019’s last day. More detail
Relay: Swedish ladies with WOC 2019 treble. Relay: Swedish ladies with WOC 2019 treble. 2019-08-17 - Sweden’s Karolin Ohlsson outsprinted Swiss Julia Jakob on the golf course towards the last control. This means that Sweden will take all the women’s gold medals home from WOC 2019. More detail