It`s a great pleasure to welcome you all to Euromeeting 2017, and to the county of Østfold. This is the first time for many of you to get more knowledge about this region in the South-East part of Norway. You will also have the pleasure to visit the 1000-years old city of Sarpsborg, which is the host city for WOC 2019. Here you will find the official event hotel and the venue for the medal ceremonies. Sarpsborg is known for its long industrial history, a lot of green areas and the big waterfall called Sarpefossen. In 2016 the biggest orienteering event in Norway, O-festivalen, was arranged in and around the city. During 3 days about 3000 participants had the pleasure to run in beautiful surroundings.

More to Østfold than orienteering More to Østfold than orienteering 2019-03-04 - Fabulous coast areas, historical fortresses, all kinds of activities and numerous cultural events! During WOC 2019 you get to experience anything you like. More detail
Orienteering in historical tracks Orienteering in historical tracks 2019-02-25 - There are six spectator races during WOC 2019 12thto 17thof August. The race with most historical significance will be the one in Fredrikstad on Thursday Aug 15th, where you chase controls in and around Kongsten Fortress.  More detail
200 entries reached for the WOC races 200 entries reached for the WOC races 2019-02-22 - Now we have reached 200 entries for the spectator races during WOC 2019 from August 12thto 17th. You have the chance to join in as well!  More detail