WOC 2019 from 12thto 17thof August have high ambitions to create the best WOC ever. Today the organisers made another step towards making the ambitions come true.

With a little more than 7 months left before WOC is staged in Østfold, the first working day of the new year offered great news for the WOC organisers. They were allocated NOK 2.000.000 from the State budget of Norway, and another NOK 1.350.000 in extraordinary funding from the stately governed betting company Norsk Tipping. This allocation will partly cover the expenses for elements needed to build the arenas and WOC sites.  In 2017 WOC received another NOK 1.351.000 from Norsk Tipping, this time to cover map production. 

- We’re very happy with the confirmation from the Ministry of Culture of NOK 1.350.000 in extra funding for construction, and that the 2 million from the state budget is confirmed as well. This will have a major impact when we consider risk elements in budgeting WOC 2019, and by that we can proceed to full extend in making the best WOC ever, WOC director Per Bergerud says.

The WOC organisation have high ambitions for the six days of events in August. Even if funding is looking very good, with a lot of positive feedback, two issues will still be important to solve to ensure the budgeted incomes of NOK 16.000.000.

- On one hand we’ll need to sell the last sponsor packages securing at least NOK 700.000, and on the other hand we will need a good participation for the spectator races. Our ambition is to gather 4000 participants for each spectator race. We’re looking forward to enter the final stages of planning of the first ever World Championships held in Østfold, with creating the best WOC held so far as our main focus, Per Bergerud says.

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