Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships in Østfold August 2019 aims to become the best WOC ever held. And for that vision to become a reality the WOC organisation needs your help.

- That means that we’ll need to be 600 volunteers that contribute for one or more days throughout the WOC week from 12th to 17th of August, volunteer coordinator Svend Sondre Frøshaug says.

The web portal to sign up for volunteer work during WOC 2109 has now been opened:

- Anyone is welcome to join in.

- We have a targeted focus of its own towards young people from age 16 to 26, but we’ll of course need volunteers from all age groups and both genders, Frøshaug says.

All the orienteering clubs in Østfold are behind the event.

But we will still need more people who are motivated in making an effort, from both Norway as well as the rest of the world. This includes people with no previous experience with orienteering as well.

-A large scout group has already declared that they will be prepared, Frøshaug smiles.

Several thousand guests

- There are many jobs that will need to be done during the WOC week. A few of them require a certain amount of language skills, and some require knowledge in orienteering. But still many jobs will be left that only need people with a positive attitude with an urge to help making a great event for both elite athletes and several thousand spectators that show up to run and cheer on the elite, Frøshaug says.

Choose dates and job tasks.

Once you’ve entered the volunteer portal you start by register some basic information about yourself, as well as stating which areas you’d like to contribute.


PHOTO: Volunteer coordinator Sven Sondre Frøshaug in search of volunteers during this years O-festivalen. (Photo by Martin Siewartz Nielsen)

- This is the first time Østfold stages a world championship, regardless of sport. Hopefully many already are planning the summer vacation with being present at WOC in mind. The WOC week goes from Monday the 12th to Saturday the 17th of August, Frøshaug says.

WOC opens with a public city sprint and an opening ceremony in Kulåsparken, Sarpsborg. On Tuesday the WOC competitors and the spectators run in Ise, just north of Sarpsborg. The rest of the races will be at Mørk golf course in Spydeberg, only interrupted by a spectator race in Fredrikstad during the WOC rest day on Thursday the 15th of August.

The finals will be broadcasted in many countries and the Royal Family has announced that they will be present for one of the competition days.

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