If you intend to attend the relay on the final day of WOC 2019, you’ll need to take into consideration that it will have a late finish, somewhere between 18-20 on Saturday 17th of August.

IOF has made a great deal with Norwegian national broadcaster NRK, and all the finals on Wednesday the 14th, Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th of August will air live on national television. NRK wants the relay on Saturday to be aired at absolute prime time, which almost certain guarantees the sport of orienteering great viewer ratings.

–At the moment it looks like the relays will be finished by somewhere between 18.00 and 20.00 on the 17th og August, General Secretary of IOF Tom Hollowell informs, and adds:

– It’s fantastic that NRK will put that amount of effort into World Orienteering Championships, and on prime-time television times as well. NRK has given signals that they intend to present the sport in new and exciting ways.

The settled times for the TV broadcast are yet to be finally determined, and will be announced next spring, but we can already now say that the relays will have late finishes. IOF together with the TV stations and producers involved will decide upon when each competition begin.

The WOC organisation wants to inform about this already now, so that visitors are given the opportunity to consider an extra night of accommodation.

–We believe that many spectators would be interested in booking accommodation through to Sunday the 18th instead of arriving back home very late on Saturday evening. Therefor we will like to inform clubs, spectators and everyone involved that the relays will be held a bit later on the day than what orienteers are normally used to, WOC director Per Bergerud says.

WOC 2019 will be held from 12th to 17th of August 2019 with Mørk farm/golf course as the main arena for the finals. Within the same period there will be six spectator races. They will be held at places like Mørk, Knatterudfjellet, Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad (amongst others).

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