The arena for the finals during WOC 2019 in Østfold will be at Mørk gård (Mørk farm)/golf course. WOC 2019 is held 12th to 17th of August 2019.


When the best orienteers in the world take to Østfold to run the WOC from 12th to 17th of August, Mørk farm/golf course will be the main arena.

It has been known for a couple of years that the orienteering clubs of Østfold will host the first ever world championship in any sport within its county area. It has also been publicly announced that a large portion of area around the community borders of Spydeberg, Skiptvet and Våler has been embargoed for all potential WOC athletes.

Now we finally can go public with the arena itself. The spectators will gather, and the athletes will cross the finish line at Mørk farm/golf course.

-We’ve recently conducted an inspection with everyone directly involved. We agreed upon many things, and some details still need to be solved. But as far as the spectators are concerned, Mørk farm will be the place to be during the event in August, WOC director Per Bergerud says.

During the televised finals (14th August – Long-distance, 16th August – middle-distance and 17th August – Relays) there will be a lot going on at the arena, suitable for young and old alike.

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Photo: WOC2019 director Per Bergerud (far right) together with representatives from the WOC2019 board, IOF and the TV producers.


Prior to the finals there will be spectator races, where the organisers expect a total of more than 10000 participants throughout the week. You can follow the finals via the big screen production. Among other activities you’ll find maze-o, punching courses and a children’s park. We will also offer some simple O-courses that anyone can manage, regardless of prior experience. Here you can register on location if you want to test to experience running with a map and a compass.

-We aim for 4000 runners for each spectator race, but we also work hard on presenting activities for spectators with no previous experience that are curious to see what it’s all about. Therefore, the entire population of Østfold are invited to the arena in August, Bergerud tells us.

The WOC organisers are also pleased to know that national tv broadcaster NRK will broadcast live from all the three finals. Recently Czech TV producer Karel Jonak, NRK, IOF, NOF and WOC 2109 gathered to coordinate and create the best possible TV broadcasts at the WOC less than a year from now.

-NRK gave us a flying start in promoting WOC 2019 by broadcasting 5,5 hours from the World Cup/Pre-WOC. And they promise an even better TV production during WOC, Per Bergerud says.

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