IFK Göteborg won the big relay event 25-Manna in Stockholm this weekend, an event that gathers nearly 10000 participants. At the same time they were announced as the ambassador club for WOC 2019.


-What WOC 2019 has to offer of some of the best terrain is something IFK Göteborg really can stand behind. The organisers aim to create a happening for all people, and we would like to contribute, says Fredrik Löwegren from IFK  Göteborg. The club is nicknamed "blue-white" in Sweden and they have won the men's class in the classic relays Tiomila and Jukola several times over the last years. Now they also are turning in to a top side amongst the women as well. Last Saturday they documented their variety of great runners from all age segments when they had three teams, and one winning team in 25-Manna in Stockholm.
Norwegians took a beating
WOC chairman Sigmund Vister is thrilled about the Swedish enthusiasm. 
- Norway had the better WOC this year, but during the pre-WOC in Østfold the Norwegians took a beating from the Swedes. Everything is settled for new great fights at WOC 2019, Vister anticipates.
- Excactly, the Swedes should really take this opportunity to cheer the Swedish runners forward, and once again help us become the best nation at WOC. But more than anything else the Swedish orienteers can look forward to enjoying the fantastic terrain that Østfold has to offer, Löwegren responds.
A terrain for success
Among the organising clubs for WOC 2019 we find Halden SK, a club that's dominated the world of orienteering for 25 years. A lot of the credit for their success can be found in the great Østfold forests. 
- Norway has a lot of challenging and physically demanding terrains, but for WOC 2019 the Norwegians offer some really top notch terrain, that also the regular orienteer can enjoy. It will be fun orienteering, where the technical aspects need to be focused on in a open terrain with good runability, Löwegren says.
IMG 0050
Photo: Fredrik Löwgren, leader of IFK Göteborg elites (left) and Sigmund Vister, chairman of WOC2019.
Close to the Swedish border.
- Our elite athletes have done several training camps in Østfold over the last years and we will keep on doing that. For WOC 2019 we will bring the entire club. We hope that WOC 2019 will become as much of a happening for the people as the WOC 2016 in Strömstad was. The WOC 2016 was held really close to where next year's WOC will be held, Löwegren says.
Sigmund Vister of WOC 2019 smiles:  
- We are most happy and thankful by the fact that IFK Göteborg is our ambassador club for WOC 2019 and we wish to express a warm welcome to all Swedish orienteers to come and have memorable and great experiences in Østfold next August.
IFK Göteborg (from Gothenburg, Sweden)
IFK Göteborg Orientering was established on 4th October 1904 as IFK  Götegorgs Orienteering Section.
1st of January 2018 they established a club of their own by the name of Idrottföreningen Kameraterne Göteborg Orientering.
The best club in the world among the men the previous seasons. Won Tiomila in 2015, 2017 and 2018 and Jukola in 2017. 
Won 25-manna in Stockholm in October of 2018.
One of the club's star runners is Norwegian Eskil Kinneberg, reigning triple world champion in relay and reigning world middle-distance champion.
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