Østfold Energi has signed a deal to become the main sponsor on a national level for WOC 2019. This obviously is music to the ears of WOC Director Per Bergerud.

-Put in trade language we could say that a partnership with a company of Østfold Energi’s capacity, makes WOC 2019 a high voltage event, Per Bergerud says smiling.

-On a more serious note we are very happy to have local benefactors joining us. Østfold Energi puts Østfold on the map, and for that reason they are important to have on our side. To get solid local enterprises with a good reputation is significant to organising the event, an event that’s based on good forces lifting together. WOC 2019 will be the first ever World Championships to be held within the borders of Østfold, regardless of sport, Bergerud says.

-We are obviously excited and were pleased with 5,5 hours of national prime time televised broadcast at the recent World Cup races, where our sponsors were given visibility beyond what’s granted in the sponsorship agreements in the first place.

Moneywise the deal between Østfold Energi and WOC 2019 is undisclosed.

-What I can reveal is that Østfold Energi may use the WOC 2019 logo in their own marketing material, and a wider exposure in our brochures and web site. They will have a stand at the arena and show their own commercials on the big screen. Their logo will be visible in the background of the prize podium, and they have branch exclusivity among energy companies. In return we have been secured a very good deal, Bergerud says.

Director of HR/IT/communications at Østfold Energi, Hege Håkonsen, is looking forward to both the coming months and the actual WOC event in August 2019 itself as well.

-When an event of this magnitude comes to our county we have to be part of it! We are simply proud that WOC 2019 will be held in our region and want to make contributions to make sure of a successful outcome, she says smiling.

-Orienteering is a sport well suited to our company profile. It’s all about interacting with nature in a beneficial way, a way that also make people and public health matter. This will be fun and exciting!

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