Tove Alexandersson with performance that outclassed the rest – William Lind victorious after a highly dramatic sprint.

- I made a stable and solid performance, where I focused on the technical aspects, Tove Alexandersson said after having made the most of her good position from the prologue earlier in the morning.

In the end she was well above three minutes in front of team mate Karolin Ohlsson. Ohlsson advanced from third place in the prologue after having sprinted down Anastasia Rudnaya of Russia in the battle for second place:
- I did a good race. During the race I tried a few times to open a gap, but each time I made a mistake. In the end I had to go for winning the sprint in the inrun, where I’m second to few. Luckily it paid off even today, Ohlsson said.

Anastasia Rudnaya wasn’t equally satisfied:
- It was tough, and a bit disappointing to lose the battle for second place, Rudnaya said.

In the men’s class Johan Runesson led out after the prologue - but failed to be among the ten runners that fought out for victory on the last 100 metres. This sprint was instead won by his Swedish team mate William Lind:
- I felt strong throughout the entire race, and I’m very happy that I managed to decide it in my favour, Lind said.

Yesterday’s winner Gustav Bergman came in second:
- I stumbled into the last control and wasted my winning chances there. I just have to be happy with this race, Bergman said.

In third place came Frederic Trandchand, a place he was satisfied with even though the legs felt strong all the way:
- I felt physically strong, but never managed to get a gap. So third place is great, he said after the race.

Tomorrow will be the final day of World Cup competitions in Halden, with the women’s and men’s relay.

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