The competitors in the spectator races during WOC 2019 will get close to WOC and experiences to remember. The duo Anne Elisabeth Ramtvedt and Finn Henry Lillestrand bear the responsibility for conducting the six spectator races during WOC 2019 in Østfold from 12th to 17th of August.

Four of the races will be held from the WOC arenas, and also closely connected to the WOC races timewise. The other two races will be one urban sprint in Sarpsborg on the opening day, among other areas in the town park Kulåsparken. There will also be held a short distance/sprint event in the Old Town of Fredrikstad on the rest day of WOC.

-Our ambition is to give the competitors of the spectaror races a sensation of being a part of the actual WOC . That means experiencing crowded cities and great atmosphere, instead of just competing hours before or after the arena is filled/emptied, the two race leaders tell us.

-And we aim for that the courses take you through places of interest and give you something to remember more than just the control taking, Ramtvedt says.


-Take Fredrikstad and the Old Town as an example. To orienteer among old buildings, Kongsten Fortress and moats, you simply can't get anywhere else. At the same time Fredrikstad has a coastal line, where you can orienteer on bare rocks characteristic for the area. A combination will be difficult to achieve, but we will nevertheless aim for something spectacular, the duo Ramtvedt/Lillestrand finish.

More information about the spectator races will be given shortly.

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