There was a fantastic turnout for tonight´s volunteer kick off! We will need even more people, and here you can read more about how to report as a volunteer for WOC 2019.


Close to 150 eager enthusiasts showed up in Sarpsborg for the kick off. The mood was great, and several people expressed their joy of contributing in the work towards such a great event. WOC will be held between 12th and 17th of August 2019. The main competition arena will be located at Mørk, between Sydeberg and Skiptvet.

-We will create the best WOC ever held, director Per Bergerud claims.

Now the recruitment work concerning volunteers begins. Several functions need to be filled both for competion events and public events. Approximately 600 volunteers will be neede in order to create a WOC that fills the ambitions. There will also be held a pre-WOC in the autumn of 2018, that will be hel between 31th og August and 2nd of September 2018 in Våler and Aremark.

This is how you can report interest in contributing to WOC 2019, and in realizing it´s success.

Please follow this link to report as a volunteer at WOC 2019:

Sign up here!


Anyone and anybody are valuable and can contribute to make WOC 2019 the best WOC ever. There is a variety of tasks and jobs that needs to be filled.

Some key numbers, in case you wonder what a World Orienteering Championship means:

*Close to 350 athletes from 50 nations.

* Six public races.

* 6-10.000 spectators at the WOC finals.

*Broadcast in 90 countries.

*600 volunteers

*A budget around NOK 16.000.000

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