In 2019, the world leading control chasers will gather to fight out for titles in Østfold. The event will be held with athletes from more than 50 nations, but the fun is not reserved exclusively for the elite runners. Schoolchildren will also be led on the right path.

 Recently it was announced that Østfold o-krets (The local union of clubs) will be awarded NOK 2 000 000 from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB. However, the money will not be spent on neither accommodating elite athletes nor VIP guests during WOC.

The eight organizing clubs have ambitions to create the best WOC ever, still other focus areas like environmental issues, innovation and activities for local schoolchildren play an important part. This includes mapping of all schools within Østfold. In addition there will be focus on corporate activities with public health in mind. The project has been titled “FinnFram i Østfold” (Find your way in Østfold).

 In the national curriculums for year 7 in physical education, it is written that pupils should be able to navigate with map in familiar surroundings. Up until now such activities have been everything but simple and motivating for many children. 20 year old b/w maps that seldom corresponds with new developments in the surroundings is hardly the way to go.

 -With these assets we are able to help schools provide top quality learning programs, and activities with maps, Elsie Brenne explains. She is a board member for WOC 2019.

 Orienteers will assist schools with schoolyard maps, as well as the surrounding areas. Teachers will also be guided with higher competence levels in mind.

 Østfold o-krets will organize the work. The clubs will contribute as well with especially school activities. During WOC 2019 there will be “school classes” especially for school children who has been inspired to try the sport. There will also be various public park-o and urban sprints as well. They are open for everyone, even for people with physical disabilities. Halden Skiklubb has already conducted a pilot project towards local schools.

 One of the most popular public health projects over the last years has been Stolpejakten, easy accessible poled controls with QR-codes. Stolpejakten (“Pole hunt”) will play an important role in public activities leading up to WOC 2019. Last Wednesday NOF (Norwegian Orienteering association) met up with the local clubs at Quality Hotel Grålum. NOF’s representative Kjell Einar Andersen told about experiences gathered concerning Stolpejakten in Sarpsborg.

 WOC director Per Bergerud is thrilled about projects targeted towards the local population.

-This will benefit public health and children all over the county, as well as raising public awareness and interest for WOC 2019, the satisfied WOC director explains.

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