Nydalen’s WOC runners will be backed by a massive support during WOC at Mørk.

Nydalens Skiklubb from Oslo is on top of the entry league for the spectator races at WOC. No less than 62 Nydalen runners will compete in the spectator race on the relay Saturday, and they will of course show lively support for Nydalen’s own Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg and all of the other Norwegians fighting for the relay gold medals later in the afternoon.

We also find the Czech Junior Team worth mentioning. An astonishing 47 (!) runners aged 16 to 20 with five (a bit) older leaders will test their skills in the terrains around Mørk Golf Course. 

Among our good neighbours across the border to the east OK Kåre has made this WOC into a social club trip. 35 runners are entered from the Falun based club for Saturday’s spectator race.

The participation increases as the WOC week goes along. With one week to go before it all starts, 1.808 entries are registered for the relay Saturday. The day before the middle-distance finals will be concluded and 1.631 spectators are so far intending to take to the woods.  When the elite will have a rest day on Thursday the 15th1.150 spectator runners so far have entered to run at Kongsten Fortress in Fredrikstad.

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