Entries have been made thick and fast and the organisers of WOC 2019 in August already now can rest assure the fact that the event will be a festivity with 10.000 entries.

-WOC 2019 will be the biggest orienteering event in Norway in modern times, press officer Claes—Tommy Herland says enthusiastically. He is hoping for 3000 participants for the spectator races on Friday and Saturday’s finals in middle and relay. 

People are coming 

The Østfold clubs are thrilled about 300 active runners from 48 nations are entered for the actual WOC competitions.

When the ordinary entry period expired on Monday night it became clear that the competitors also will be part of a mass public festivity.

– After we had a significant increase during last weekend we have now registered almost 8000 entries in total for the six spectator races. With late and direct entries in mind we think it will be realistic to hope for 10.000 in total for the entire week. That is good figures, WOC director Per Bergerud says.

Thousands of spectators 

– With these figures there will be at least 5000 runners, leaders and spectators present at the WOC finals at Mørk Golf Course in Spydeberg for the final two days, Bergerud says. 

-Since it is the first ever World Championship to be staged in Østfold, regardless of sport, we hope many local non-orienteers seize the opportunity to come as well.

Fantastic effort by volunteers

Bergerud tells us that it has been tremendously fun to plan ahead towards WOC 2019 along with many volunteers who haven’t shyed away from responsibility. 

A quick estimate reaches 30.000 hours of effort put in by 550 volunteers, mainly from the local orienteering clubs. This should make for worthy and memorable conditions during WOC 2019. 

Last preparations 

– WOC can’t employ for more than 1,25 positions in total, so the organising committee, course planners and the board  have contributed with pure voluntary work. Everything is now set for a big scale event that’s well planned, Bergerud says.

Only two weeks with last minute preparations are left before the opening ceremony in Sarpsborg on Monday August 12 th.

The WOC program 

WOC 2019 has middle qualifications in Varteig on Tuesday Aug 13 th, and finals at Mørk in Spydeberg.  (Long Wed Aug 14 th, Middle Fri Aug 16 th and Relays Sat Aug 17 th) All finals are televised live.

The spectator races get underway with a sprint in Sarpsborg on Mon Aug 12 th, and will continue daily in connection with the WOC competitions. In addition 1000 spectators have already signed up to run in Fredrikstad on the WOC rest day on Thursday Aug 15 th

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