No less than 88 WOC medals have been won by runners representing one of the clubs from Østfold. We will present all of them in the build-up to WOC 2019. Number 23 is Gaute Hallan Steiwer.


Name: Gaute Hallan Steiwer

Age: 29

Civil status/children: In partnership with Kamilla Olaussen

Residency: Fredrikstad

Clubs represented: Lillomarka OL and Fredrikstad SK

WOC-medals: Relay gold 2018

WOC participations: 2011 (sprint), 2014 (sprint, sprint relay), 2015 (sprint), 2017 (sprint), 2018 (long, relay)

Other merits: 12th WOC long 2018, 5 Norwegian Championship medals and 2 JWOC gold medals from 2010

What do you do today?

I do whatever it takes to perform at my best at WOC in Østfold 2019. I work 20 % as an engineer to finance my orienteering efforts. I also do some field work in the map making process of all schoolyards in Fredrikstad, as a part of the WOC Finn Frem i Østfold (Find your way in Østfold) project.

Best WOC memory?

I really hope my best memory will be created this year. Up to now the relay gold last year in Latvia obviously sticks out. A very special day where I woke up as a reserve and went to bed as a WOC gold medal winner.

Worst WOC Memory?

I don’t have any particularly bad memories from any of me WOC races, so I rather single out when I missed the selection for the middle-distance in 2017 as the worst WOC related memory.

What is WOC to you?

The most important event of the year holds both excitement, joy and disappointments. All excuses are bad excuses, everybody will try to peak the form for WOC.

Funniest WOC banquet memory?

The first when everything was new and exciting.

Can you tell us a bit about how your relationship with the sport has evolved since the beginning?

Orienteering has been with me my whole life. My first race was at the age of 8. Even though my relationship with the sport has become more and more serious business, I’ve never lost my joy of the sport.

What have you learned from your commitment to orienteering that you will bring on later in life?

Independency, structure and competition instinct. Probably more!

How hard have you worked to become as good as possible, and which difficulties have you encountered?

I feel that I’ve worked harder and harder over the last years, and now I do everything within my power to become as good as possible. I would have liked to know everything I’ve learned now when I entered the senior classes. The first senior years contained a lot of setbacks that made the way to the top more difficult. I have not been able to put in the right amount of training to compete with the best before the last year. I almost feel like a third- or fourth-year senior, even though I’m a bit older.

How will you describe your current form?

Never been in better shape, and it feels wonderful.

Have you thought about what you will do after your career yet?

I live for the moment for now and I’m not planning beyond my career yet. I reckon wife and children will fill my life later as orienteering has done up to now.


What is your view on Østfold hosting WOC 2019?

A home soil WOC will always be special. Most Norwegian orienteers have plenty of Østfold experiences, so let’s hope for a massive event for all people.

What does it take to become a world champion in Østfold 2019?

To be physically strong and technically good, the same as WOC in any country.

What do you recommend WOC visitors to experience in Østfold?

WOC obviously!

What do you like best about Østfold?

The funniest thing about Østfold is the dialect! 

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