No less than 88 WOC medals have been won by runners representing one of the clubs from Østfold. We will present all of them in the build-up to WOC 2019. Number 17 is Olav Lundanes, and the first we have translated to English so far.


Name: Olav Lundanes

Age: 31

Civil status/children: Partner and cohabitant with Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul. And the son Jakob, 5 months old.

Residency: Halden

Clubs represented: Emblem IL, Østmarka OK, Paimion Rasti and Halden SK

WOC-medals: 8 gold-, 4 silver-, 3 bronze madals

WOC participations: 2007-2012, 2014-2018

Other merits: 4 times EOC champion, 23 times Norwegian champion, 2 Jukola wins, 1 10-mila victory.

Olav L 2 prøveVM 2018

What do you do today?

I’m full time committed to win WOC in Østfold and tries to figure out how to be a good dad at the same time.

Best WOC memory?

My first gold medal in Trondheim is probably the best memory. Even though it was far from the perfect race it marked the point where I fulfilled my childhood dream to become the best orienteer in the world, and that felt fantastic.

Worst WOC Memory?

Hard to say. WOC offer possibilities for both success and joy, as well as major disappointments.  The 12th leg during the middle-distance in 2018 is probably my biggest disappointment up to now. And I’m still getting a bit irritated when I think about both the middle-distance in 2016, the relay in 2012 and the long-distance in 2011.  

What is WOC to you?

WOC is every year the week that defines my season. If I have a good WOC the rest of the season seems less important to me, and other good races during the season are just minor consolations if I don’t perform at my best during WOC. It’s the time where you get to showcase all those hours of training and preparations and at the same time will have to deal with excitement, expectations and millions of thoughts running through my mind. To succeed under these circumstances gives you a satisfaction that’s not comparable to anything else.  

Funniest WOC banquet memory?

I have never been a big fan of the banquet. But when I came back to the hotel a bit later than expected after a long night walk in 2011, I thought it was fun to play along with the rumours that came up on what I’d been up to.

Can you tell us a bit about how your relationship with the sport has evolved since the beginning?

Already my first summer I made my debut in the kid’s courses and ran the beginner’s courses from the age of seven. I’ve always been interested in maps and spend hours and hours with my parent’s map collections. My first years after I moved to East-Norway I struggled somewhat to find my way in the terrains, but eventually became one of the best in my age class from M 15-16. At the age of 18 I made the decision to commit full hearted to become as good as possible, and I have not regretted that decision ever since.

What have you learned from committing to orienteering that’ll come in handy later?

I’ve learned much about myself and how I react in different situations. And how to plan ahead and do your job every day to get results down the line.

How hard do you commit to become as successful as possible?

I feel that I have done everything I can do, but obviously also made a few mistakes along the road. If I had avoided those mistakes I probably could have become even better.

What is your view on Østfold hosting WOC 2019?

Østfold has all the possibilities to create a very good WOC, with brilliant terrains and historically one of the areas where the sport is at its strongest. We have a good variety of nice and different terrain types in Norway, so it’s a good thing that the different WOC’s that have been held in Norway have been spread out.

What does it take to become a world champion in Østfold 2019?

You’ll need to be a strong runner I physically tough terrains and master the terrain type technically. Simple as that…

What do you recommend WOC visitors to experience in Østfold?

Orienteering wise I recommend trying the coastal terrains. Tourist wise I recommend Fredriksten Fortress in Halden and the archipelago of Østfold.

What do you like best about Østfold?

Great terrains for orienteering for old, young and elite performers alike. No matter what your passion is you’ll find others with the same commitment.

Olav L 3 prøveVM 2018

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