WOC 2019 is helping school children from all over Østfold to learn using maps. This week the production of school maps reached the 100-mark. 


From Aug 12thto 17ththe world leading runners will battle for the WOC medals in the Østfold terrains. However, the organising clubs have ambitions to create further side effects.  One of these projects is FinnFram I Østfold (“Find your way in Østfold”), with ambitions to map all schools in the area. NOK 2.000.000 was allocated in funding from Sparebanksstiftelsen DNB.

Reached the 100-mark

This week the map production reached 100 schools in Østfold and will help schools fulfil the demands in the national curriculums for physical education. The curriculum for 7thgraders says that pupils should be able to orienteer with a map in familiar terrain. But of course, good maps are essential.  

- In Østfold we want to map all schools and some other strategical places good for educational purposes. Most of the 100 maps are elementary schools and junior high schools, but we’ve also mapped a couple of high schools and parks, project leader Svend Sondre Frøshaug tells.

Skolekart Rakkestad Ungdomsskole FFØ

PHOTO: School map from Rakkestad, Østfold

Unique web portal

Along with students from Høgskolen i Østfold the project has created a web map portal. You will find this portal at www.skoleorientering.no 

- This site is brilliant, and NOF has joined the team as well, so it will become a tool not only for the county of Østfold, but the entire country. Six counties are already represented with school maps, Frøshaug points out. 

orientering i skolen3

PHOTO: Sven Sondre travels around Østfold to teach gym teachers how to use the map portal. 

Young orienteers have contributed in the map making process after thorough learning and training programs. Last year there was a map making seminar only for youngsters. 

– We’ve focused on supporting up and coming map makers of young age. 22 of the maps in the portal are made by map makers below the age of 25. 

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