The Norwegian Spring continues this sunday with Solrenningen, another crucial step in the preperations for WOC2019 from 12th to 17th of august.


- The race was really good today, but then I made some mistakes in the end and that affected the total impression. But I have to be happy today after a race like that, says Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg after her victory at Solrenningen today. 

- This was my first run in the forest with a map in 2019 so you can’t expect everything to be perfect. 

Hausken Nordberg is back in the forest after having a baby in august last year. She won the “Norwegian clubs’ elite class” today ahead of Sabine Hauswirth and Miri Thrane Ødum. The 43-year-old now aims for the seasons three big goals: 

- Tiomila, Jukola and the World championships is the highlights this season. 

Matthias Kyburz, last season’s world cup winner, won the “Norwegian clubs’ elite class” for the second day in a row and he enjoys the Østfold terrain:

- It was a good race today. I like it here in the Østfold forests and I think the WOC here is a better match for me than the forests in Estonia and Latvia. I have a world cup victory from Halden and a world championship gold from Strömstad, both terrains similar to what we expect during WOC2019. 

The swedes keep on winning

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PHOTO: Tove runs in to another victory on sunday.

In the “International elite classes” Tove again won 45 seconds ahead of Karolin Ohlsson. In the men’s class Albin Ridefelt won ahead of William Lind and Johan Runesson, and he is ready for the World Championships in Østfold:

- I felt a little tired after a hard week of training in Halden, but then a long distance is a good match for me and today a had an almost perfect race. 

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PHOTO: Albin Ridefelt is looking forward to the World Championships in Østfold. 

The WOC preparations continues next week with more trainings in Østfold and new races with Lørdagskjappen and Smaaleneneløpet next weekend. 

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