(Halden, Østfold) Several WOC-favourites are in Østfold this weekend to run the Norwegian Spring. The attendance was so great in the Womens elite class that the organizers had to split the runners into “Norwegian clubs” and “Foreign clubs” and the men’s elite class was split into three classes. The preparations for the World Orienteering Championships from 12thto 17thof August is on and almost the entire world elite are running in Østfold this weekend.


Tove Alexandersson won the “foreign elite class” coming straight from the World Ski Orienteering Championships with two gold- and two silver medals.  

- I’m mostly happy with today’s race. Some small mistakes but no big ones. It feels good to kick off the orienteering season, says the world number one in both orienteering and ski orienteering.

When the world championships arrive in August the Store Tuna runner aims for more medals.

- The Østfold terrain suits me well, much better than the terrain in Latvia last year, and I’m looking forward to the World orienteering Championships, says the girl that continues the preparations in Østfold next week together with the rest of the Swedish national team. 

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PHOTO: Kamilla Olaussen won today's race.

Kamilla Olaussen was best in the “Norwegian womens elite class” despite some small mistakes in the forest.

- I had one mistake that ruined an almost perfect race. But I will take with me everything that went well in today´s race and stay focused through the entire race the next time.

The next race for Kamilla will be the long distance in next week’s Smaaleneneløpet. 

The winners in the men’s classes were Gaute Hallan Steiwer, Matthias Kyburz and Emil Svensk, who also won the Østfold season closer, Blodslitet, last year. 

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