In April 2016, the IOF Council decided to award the 2019 World Orienteering Championships to Østfold, Norway. The Norwegian Orienteering Federation has given the responsibility for organizing the event to the clubs in Østfold who have established an organizing company called VM Orientering 2019 AS. The company is owned by the following clubs; Sarpsborg O-lag, OK Moss, Fredrikstad Skiklubb, Halden Skiklubb, Gimle IF, Varteig OL, Indre Østfold orienteringsklubb og Trøsken IL. 

Sarpsborg OL
OK Moss
Fredrikstad SK
Halden Skiklubb
Gimle IF
Varteig OL
Indre Østfold OK
Trøsken IL

The company’s board consists of 7 members, and these are Sigmund Vister (Chairman), Solveig Sikkeland (vice-president), Erik Unaas, Thor Fagereng, Ingrid Solberg Sætre, Marianne R. Kahrs and Elsie Brenne (deputy).

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CEO of the company is Per Bergerud who started his work in the company in april 2017. The company has now strong focus in establishing the rest of the organization.

Contact us

CEO: Per Bergerud

+47 482 42 628


Event director: Bjørn Axel Gran

+47 909 55 295


Head of spectator races: Finn Henry Lillestrand


Public relations and media services: Martin Siewartz Nielsen

+47 911 59 317


Accounting/invoicing: Tor Ragnar Andersen

+47 928 98 311


Training: Håvard Lucasen

+47 414 41 243